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Employers evaluate an applicant’s skills, experience, and qualifications as well as their appearance and professionalism. Applicants who are well dressed and groomed will be more confident and have a pleasant attitude.  Be mindful of the following daily hygiene tasks to enhance your appearance:  bathing and the use of deodorant, cleaning and trimming hair and nails, freshly brushed teeth, and using perfumes/colognes in moderation.  The first impression you make IS a lasting impression.


Interviews are a time for the employer to confirm qualifications and to visualize you as their employee. Preparation and presentation will determine the success of your interview.  Prepare by getting a good night’s rest so you are alert and on time. This is the time to present yourself to be the right applicant for the job. Always make eye contact with the employer and remember his/her name.  Listen thoroughly to each question and speak in a normal polite voice. Think about the question and answer with confidence. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Express your appreciation for the employer’s time before leaving.


Applications are the foundation of achieving the success you envision. A well written application is more appealing to the employer than a sloppy one.  When completing an application, be honest and accurate in the representation of your skills and qualifications. Before returning the application to the employer check for misspelling, grammar errors, and that every question is answered.

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