Quest Staffing Event Postings

Welcome to Quest Staffing  Event Postings! Scroll down to see what we have been up to! Whether it be helping out our community here along the Wasatch Front, or new developments for new opportunities for you!

2 Weeks Ago

We at Quest Staffing Services would like to thank our donors and volunteers for a successful breakfast at the Weigand Homeless Resource Center! Thanks to the many donations, we served a lovely Easter Breakfast for those in need. In addition to those who attended, we were able to feed the Weigand Center volunteers and hard workers that make these homeless resources possible.
We could not have done this without our sponsors! Thank you for making this possible.

1 Month Ago

Today we are doing an in person job fair. Sarah is with the Catholic Community Services. Sarah is the job coordinator at the Weigand Center. Shawn is with Quest Staffing Services, helping those looking for work. Here at the Weigand Center their purpose is to help to empowering people in need along the Wasatch Front to reach self-sufficiency. By giving strength to the weakest in our midst, CCS is able to lovingly serve and provide hope to those with the greatest need in our community regardless of race, religion or personal circumstance.

1 Month Ago

Mesopotamia Food Bank.. on Friday of last week Quest Staffing Services, Shawn and myself went and volunteered to help serve the community. We have been going to the food banks here in Salt Lake City Utah and post fliers to help those looking for employment. Alaa (middle) is the President of the Mesopotamia Community. We were able to talk with Zeyad (Chairman of the board).. This particular food bank will feed 500-700 families each week.
This communities mission is to help the refugees find employment, education, housing, and gain self reliance.
Zeyad said that they need donations if you want to help donate you can contact him at his email